Certification of Academic Achievement

With this web form you can apply for an academic achievement in Mathematics. The certificates for courses in physics and meteorology will continue to be provided by the respective teachers.


The certification of academic achievements for the academic examination office takes place in written form in our faculty. For this we have developed the above web forms, which facilitate the application and further processing.

Please note:

  • For reasons of security the web forms can be only used from the internal net of the Leibniz university.
  • The Deanery of Studies only has information on the achievements in the field of mathematics, and it can certify only such.
  • Only certificates for entire modules can be issued; you should only apply for a certificate if you have provided all the necessary achievements for the respective module.
  • Using your online overview of grades, make sure that the academic achievement in question is not yet booked.
  • Some data on the study achievements is not available immediately after the end of the lecture period.

Procedure as a Rule

  • Use the  Standard Form for Certification
  • Please fill in all fields:
    • Full name, matriculation number, e-mail address
    • Degree programme, examination regulations
    • Semester and lecturers name ("WS2011: Achievement X at lecturer Y")
    • In some modules (eg "Advanced Mathematical Methods A") a choice is possible (in the example between "Analysis III" and "Algebra I"). When selecting the semester, it is essential to select "not occupied" for the cancelled event.
  • Pressing the button apply will save your details for further processing. In this case, a successful message appears; otherwise you will be asked to correct or complete incorrect information.

Procedure in Exceptional Cases

  • Use the Flexible Form
  • For the second form for special cases, you must enter all the information (for example, the module name) yourself. This form almost never needs to be used.
  • It is important to note that the respective credit points have to be included (relevant for certain didactic modules, for example).
  • Complete all fields and apply for the certificate of academic achievement.

Processing Time

Weekly (currently: on monday) all applications are processed. This means: your details are checked and compared with our data; if positive, the certificate will be prepared, signed and forwarded directly to the examination office. If negative, you will get an e-mail.

The academic examination office needs about one week to register the course. At peak times this can take longer.