Submission of Bachelor and Master theses


  • For individual cases, where e.g. due to lack of access to laboratories or libraries, a special hardship exists, individual applications with longer deadlines can be submitted to the examination board.
  • Final papers are to be sent by e-mail to all examiners and at the same time to the Dean of Studies Office as follows:
Bachelor and Master thesis Mathematics
Bachelor and Master thesis Physics
Bachelor and Master thesis Meteorology

The date of the e-mail is considered the date of submission of the thesis. The matriculation number and degree programme must be stated in the email. The declaration of independence must be (digitally) signed. Before sending, all attached files must be checked for viruses. The files must be sent via a mail address assigned by LUH ( or institute mail address).

  • At the same time, one bound copy of the Bachelor thesis or two bound copies of the Master thesis are to be sent by post to the Office of the Dean of Studies:

Studiendekanat der Fakultät für Mathematik und Physik
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover
Postfach 6009
30060 Hannover

  • The registration for the final thesis can be done by e-mail. Please make sure that the date of beginning of your processing time is recorded. Send the application form, which has been confirmed by the examiner, together with the granted titel of the thesis, to the responsible officer at the Academic Examination Office by e-mail as PDF-file and also by post:

    Mathematics and Physics: