Start of Studies

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We are pleased that you want to study at our faculty! In the following, we list offers and information that can help you get started with your studies.

Orientation Week to the Semester Start

Faculty and student council offer this introductory week directly before the beginning of the lecture period. The student council introduce the institutions of the Leibniz University and university life, while lecturers of the Faculty carry out a brief refresher of the mathematics proficiency. Registration is not required.

Participation is highly recommended.



One week before the start of the lecture period

Support on the Start of Studies

The offer of the studyguides is directed towards you to make your start of studies in Germany easier and to help with emerging difficulties. The group of experienced students is on hand with help and advice for you, i.e. the start of planning your studies.  

Mathematical/Physical Preparatory Courses

uni:fit - fördern, informieren, trainieren

A three-week math intensive course, which facilitates the professional entry into the study. The concept of uni: fit is as simple as logical: to collect the beginners of the studies "where they stand".

Attention: This course charges a participant fee.

uni:fit - Math Intensive Course


Leibniz Univeristät Hannover

Bridging Course Mathematics OMB+ for Students of Physics

The Mathematics Bridging Course (OMB+) prepares students to study mathematics, meteorology and physics. The OMB+ can be used to refresh the knowledge of mathematics from the school and to teach basic procedures for the application. In particular, there is also a call center, which is staffed with competent tutors and is available every day.

For physics students, the course is available free of charge via a special page of the German Physical Society.

Bridging Course Mathematics OMB+

Any time

Free access for people interested in physics


Denkwerksatt is a regular open offer in which students can work independently, gladly also in groups, and receive uncomplicated help from our dedicated staff if needed.

The offer is particularly aimed at students in the first semesters, but is of course open to all mathematics students


Monday 14:00 - 18:00 Begin: 08.04.2024   End: 13.07.2024 Room: F128 (1101)
Wednesday 14:00 - 18:00 Begin: 03.04.2023   End: 13.07.2024 Room: F142 (1101)

Offers of the Student Advice Office

Information and orientation offers, welcome event