Appointment Procedures at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

On this page you will find all ongoing and completed appointment procedures in the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, together with useful information for the application process.

Ongoing Appointment Procedures

Professorship Deadline Current Status
W2-Professur "Quantensimulation" 02.06.2023   Offer of professorship
University Professorship in Optics & Photonics 28.02.2023   Offer of professorship

Appointment Procedure

Appointment procedures consist of the following steps:

  • Application phase
  • Inspection of the documents by the selection/appointment committee
  • Lectures
  • Call for external expert opinions
    (may be replaced by the participation of at least three external voting members in the appointment committee)
  • Decision on the appointment list in the Faculty Council
  • Decision on the appointment list in the Senate
  • Decision on the list of appointments in the Presidential Board
  • Decision on the list of appointments in the University Council
  • Offer of professorship
  • Acceptance of professorship

Once the professorship has been accepted, the appointment procedure is concluded.


Junior Professorship 
Salary Scale W1 NBesO
Junior Professorship in the field of Algebraic Geometry


W1 titular professorship "Gravitational wave astronomy" according to the Thuringian model


Ultrafast photoelectron research -  
Quantum Technologies 12.06.2018
Nanomembrane based energy storage devices 16.02.2017
Pure Mathematics 15.01.2016
Physics Education 28.03.2014
Pure Mathematics 02.10.2013
Salary Scale W 2 NbesO
Mathematics Education -    
Solid State Quantum Metrology -    
W2 Professorship with tenure track according to W2 NBesO for mathematical modelling, especially in the life sciences  -    
Optical Fibre Sensor Technology and Photonics 26.02.2018    
Scientific Computing 26.07.2016
Applied Mathematics 28.08.2015
Non-classical laserinterferometry 27.08.2015 (canceled)
Pure Mathematics 05.11.2014
Physical Radioecology 04.06.2014
Analysis 21.03.2013
Didactics of Mathematics 04.10.2012
Number Theory 26.07.2012
Discrete Mathematics 26.07.2012
Salary Scale W 3 NBesO
W3 Professorship "Analysis" -
W3 Professorship "Quantum Optics with Non-Classical States of Matter" -
Quantum sensor technology and quantum metrology according to the Jülich model process cancelled
Arithmetic and geometry -    
Titular professorship in experimental physics with a focus on quantum optics and metrology -    
Mathematical Stochastics -    
Multi-field and multi-scale problems PhoenixD -    
Algebraic Geometry 07.08.2018    
Insurance Mathematics 23.10.2017    
Numerical Analysis 26.08.2015
Experimental Nanophysics 13.11.2015
Photovoltaic Material Research 27.03.2015
Scientific Computing 14.08.2013 (process cancelled)
Experimental Solid State Physics 19.07.2012 (process cancelled)
Biophotonics Be omitted pursuant to §26 para 1 sentence 2 Nr. 5 NHG

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Franziska Lorenz
Appelstraße 11/11a
30167 Hannover