Selection Committee of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

The selection committees conduct the selection procedures for the master’s degree programmes. They are set up by the Faculty Council. The selection committee consists of at least three members from the groups of professors and scientific staff and one non-voting student. At least one member must be a professor.

Teacher training students

Leibniz School of Education is responsible for the selection committees of the teacher training students.

Please note the Admission Regulations for master's programmes

Admissions Boards, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Admissions Board, Mathematics


Admissions Board, Metrology


Prof. Dr. Günter Groß

Representatives for professors

Prof. Dr. Björn Maronga

Admissions Board, Nanotechnology


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Nadja-C. Bigall

Teaching Staff Deputy Representatives

Representatives for research staff

Dr. Fritz Schulze-Wischeler

Admissions Board, Physics


Admissions Board for Teacher Training Courses

The selection committee members can be found here