PhD Programmes at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Structured doctoral programmes such as graduated schools, research training groups and statefinanced programmes have become established alongside the classic individual route to a doctorate in Germany. Structured doctoral programmes usually run for three years, and include transferrable skills such as presentation techniques and academic writing in addition to academic research.


Please contact the programme you are interested in.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Physics is involved in the following doctoral programmes:

Graduate Schools

A graduate school is university-level facility designed to support young academics. The institutions attached to a university usually provide financial support and dedicated lectures and seminars. Frequently, several faculties work together on cross-cutting questions.

Research Training Groups

Research Training Groups are established by universities to promote early career researchers abd are funded by the DFG for a period of up to nine years.

The spokesperson of the following Research Training Groups is attached to the faculty:

The faculty is involved in the following Research Training Groups: