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Psychological Counselling for Students of our Faculty

At some point during your studies, the initial joy and excitement of starting university and living in a new country slowly fades. You begin to feel overwhelmed by the demands of your studies and the difficulties of adjusting to a new life. Suddenly, you have reached that point, where everything seems too much.

Facing and dealing with problems, that come in your way is a part of life and is a constant lifelong learning experience. Nevertheless, you do not need to manage it alone! Our psychological counselling service is available to you and we strive to assist in dealing with your specific problems.

We are pleased to inform you of our collaboration with the PTB to provide a counselling service, which is free, confidential and tailored to your needs.

What specific offers can I use?

Phone: 0511 762 3799
personally: Theodor-Lessing-Haus,
Welfengarten 2c, 30167 Hannover