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Research Buildings

Der LNQE-Forschungsbau am Schneiderberg in Hannover.

The Laboratory of Nano and Quantum Engineering is an interdisciplinary Leibniz Research Centre of the Leibniz Universität Hannover in the field of nanotechnology. Substantive goals are both excellent basic research as well as application-oriented engineering at the nanoscale accompanied by appropriate cross-disciplinary training. Currently there are 26 research groups from physics, chemistry and engineering involved. To achieve its objectives the Laboratory of Nano and Quantum Engineering operates a shared research building in Hannover, with laboratories, equipment, etc., and especially clean rooms.

Year of construction: 2008/2009
Website: www.lnqe.uni-hannover.de

Der HITec-Forschungsbau in der Callinstraße in Hannover.

HITec is an interdisciplinary research infrastructure. Researchers from the fields of physics, geodesy and engineering sciences operate jointly under one roof fundamental and applied research as well as technology development in the field of quantum physics and geodesy. With its large-scale devices, HITec is a unique research centre worldwide, which consistently pursues the research programme of the QUEST-Leibniz Research School.

Large devices of the HITec:

Year of construction: 2015-2018
Website: www.hitec.uni-hannover.de

Der NIFE-Forschungsbau am Stadtfelddamm in Hannover.

With the NIFE in Hanover, the region and the state of Lower Saxony have an international focus as one of the leading locations for biomedical research and development.

Year of construction: 2015/2016
Website: nife-hannover.de