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Persons of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

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At present, about 50 professors as well as 340 scientific staff are teaching and researching in the fields of mathematics, physics, meteorology and subject-didactics. They are supported by about 90 employees in technical and administrative services.

Dean's Office

The faculty is headed by the dean. The Dean's Office is the communication interface to the university administration and takes care of PhD and habilitation matters.

Dean of Studies Office

The Dean of Study is e.g. responsible to guarantee the offered courses. The Office of the Dean of Studies acts as a central contact point for students. 

Student Council (Fachschaft)

The Fachschaft is a student interest agency, which is committed to the interests of the students.

Subject Study Consulting

The subject study consulting is responsible for specific questions concerning content and study requirements as well as for specific subjects.

Gender Equality Officers

Gender equality officers are working on gender and diversity at the faculty.

Internship Officer

Students may do an industrial internship. The internship representatives will help you check the suitability of chosen internship.

List of Persons of the Faculty

Here you will find the contact details of all persons who belong to the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. For example, you will receive a list of all professors of the faculty.

The electronic list of facilities and list of persons of Leibniz Universität Hannover contains the contact details of all university employees.