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Habilitation at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

The habilitation serves the purpose of demonstrating the remarkable ability to work independently on scientific research and on qualified independent teaching. With the habilitation, the scientist is given the authorisation to teach independently at Leibniz Universität Hannover for a specific scientific subject or subject area (Authorisation to teach/Venia Legendi).


... regarding the administrative procedure, please contact the Faculty's Office (habilitationenmaphy.uni-hannover.de).

... about habilitation theses or about an acceptance in a habilitation support? Then please contact directly the professors of the concerned institutes.

You can find all main information here:

Opening of the Procedure

As a first step before the opening of the habilitation procedure, the candidate asks one of the colloquiums representative Prof. Bauer or Prof. Ertmer to make an appointment for an introductory lecture.

The requirements and further steps of the habilitation procedure are regulated in the Habilitation Regulations of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.