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Former Students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Two alumni with talar and doctor's cap.

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You once studied or worked at this faculty? Then something connects you with us! Become an alumni and get many benefits:

  • AlumniCard with diverse benefits
  • Exklusive tours 
  • Receive up-to-date information from the university and the faculty
  • Alumni mail address

Through the AlumniCampus you can become a member: 

Change of Address?

Please send an email with your new data to alumnimaphy.uni-hannover.de.  

2nd Regular Table of the Alumni of the Faculty

Good atmosphere, entertaining anecdotes and many news: The first regular table of the alumni of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics was a successful start. So we want to go on and invite you to the second meeting:

When? Tuesday 6 February 2018, 6 pm

Where? In the restaurant "Cheers",  Marschnerstr. 2, 30167 Hanover

Registration? Please send an e-mail to alumnizuv.uni-hannover.de

Costs? Free of costs, food & drinks self-pay

Find out which professional way other people have gone, who has stayed in the region, and take the opportunity to drink a beer with people you've been talking about for a long time.

The dean of the Faculty, Prof. Roger Bielawski and the Dean of Studies Prof. Eric Jeckelmann, will welcome you to this second meeting.

We are looking forward to your coming!

Impressions of the Graduation Ceremony 2017

  • Beginn der Veranstaltung © privat
  • Gruppenbild der Alumni bei der Führung durch das Zentrum für Optische Technologien
  • Tag der Fakultät 2017 im Lichthof
  • Sängerin Olga Keil
  • Festvortrag von Prof. Dr. Hulek
  • Orientalische Tanzgruppe des Hochschulsports "laylu ar-raqs"
  • Verleihung der Fakultätslehrpreise an Frau Prof. Dr. Heurs und Frau Scheer
  • Auftritt des Improvisationstheaters Szene 52
  • Absolventengruppe
  • Absolventengruppe
  • Absolventengruppe
  • Absolventengruppe
  • Promotion - Absolventinnen und Absolventen
  • Gruppenbild der Absolventinnen und Absolventen
  • Ehrung der Jubilare
  • Solid Jazz