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Cluster of Excellence

What is a Cluster of Excellence?

"Clusters of Excellence will enable German university locations to establish internationally visible, competitive research and training facilities, thereby enhancing scientific networking and cooperation among the participating institutions. [...]

They should also create excellent training and career conditions for young researchers. In conjunction with the other two funding lines, i.e. graduate schools and institutional strategies to promote top-level research, clusters of excellence will help to increase Germany's attraction as a research location in the long term and improve its international competitiveness."

Source: DFG German Research Foundation

Cluster of Excellence with the Participation of the Faculty

Logo des Exzellenzclusters Hearing4all.

The aim of the Hearing4all Excellence Cluster is to improve hearing in various fields of hearing aids and hearing implants - literally "hearing for all". The aim of the Excellence Cluster Hearing4all  includes the improvement of diagnostics and care for the affected person with regard to personal hearing aids.

Further information: hearing4all.eu
Duration: since 2012

Logo des Exzellenzclusters From Regenerative Biology to Reconstructive Therapy (REBIRTH).

The focus of the excellence cluster REBIRTH is interdisciplinary cooperation on questions within the field of regenerative medicine. Within more than 60 groups, therapeutic strategies for the heart, lung, liver and blood are being researched.

Further information: www.rebirth-hannover.de
Duration: Since 2006

Logo der QUEST-Leibniz-Forschungsschule.

The main research areas of the cluster are quantum engineering and space-time research. Researchers from the fields of quantum optics, laser physics, solid state physics, gravitational physics, theoretical physics and geodesy work together interdisciplinary. After the support of the Cluster of Excellence has ended, QUEST was integrated into the QUEST Leibniz Research School, which has existed since 2009.

Website: www.quest-lfs.uni-hannover.de
Duration: 2007-2012