Voluntary Tutorials in Introductory Maths Lectures

Mentoring – the Project

Mentoring describes the support given to a person (mentee) by a person who is more experienced in a specific area (mentor). This support can refer to subject-specific or general content.

Subject-Specific Support

Take advantage of the voluntary tutorials offering support in the introductory maths lectures. Tutorials are run by students in higher semesters who are advised by academic assistants at the faculty. 

This additional subject-specific support helps students

  • To find their way into mathematical ways of thinking and reasoning

  • To work successfully on maths problems and in exams
  • To lay the foundations for good scientific writing.

General Support

The Student Council at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics organises the annual Orientation Week and facilitates the integration of first-semester students into student and university life. It offers students at the faculty guidance on all matters to do with studying.

We regularly look for new tutors!

To ensure a sufficient number of tutorials, we regularly look for new tutors of mathematics for the teaching and non-teaching periods.



  • Students of mathematics or teacher training with maths as a first or second subject,

  • Sound knowledge of the subject matter of the modules Analysis I and / or Linear Algebra I (evidence of passing both modules, incl. grade or number of points),
  • Interest in supervising first semester students in mathematics
  • Good communication skills.

If you are interested, please mail us your completed application form (pdf German) by15. June to radatz@maphy.uni-hannover.de.


Students in higher semesters need to be prepared for their work as tutors. In order to provide professional mentoring, we therefore offer training courses on giving advice and on working as a tutor at the beginning of each winter semester


Dr. rer. nat. Katrin Radatz
Programme Coordinator
Appelstraße 11/11a
30167 Hannover
Appelstraße 11/11a
30167 Hannover